Make Gorgeous Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods For Hit Party Favors

Make chocolate covered pretzel rods for a yummy-good combination of sweet and salty. They’re great party favors for adults as well as the kids. Chocolate dipped pretzel rods are really easy to make, too.  They make ideal gifts and perfect party favors, your guests will love them. The most popular candy coatings, of course are […]

Easy Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Recipe Makes Cute Party Favors

This easy chocolate dipped marshmallow recipe makes an ideal treat for party favors or even snacks at home. Imagine pretty, decorated dipped marshmallows at a bridal shower, baby shower, wedding reception or even a Christmas party. Imagine all the fun you’ll have whipping up these fast and easy chocolate coated marshmallow treats. Make them up […]