Spa Gift Baskets Women Will Love

Spa Gift Baskets Women

Spa gift baskets women love are for unplugging from the world and unwinding in her own personal spa.

We girls love to pamper ourselves with bubble baths, manicures & pedicures,right?  What’s more relaxing than a bubble bath?

Now what woman wouldn’t be delighted with a luxurious spa gift basket. It doesn’t have to be an expensive spa gift basket, either.

In fact, I’ll bet the spa gift baskets women enjoy most often are the do-it-yourself homemade gift baskets.  I know I do.

Homemade gift baskets show you put extra thought and care into her gift.  Let your love shine through with these unique gift basket ideas.

Spa gift baskets are perfect for mom, sister, best friend, partner, daughter, granddaughter.  What can I say?  We love our spa gift baskets!

Want some tips for items to include in spa baskets women will love? Read on!  You’ll find tips and ideas and a tutorial to help you put together a gorgeous spa gift basket.

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Gifts To Include In A Spa Gift Basket

Treat her with a gift basket that she can enjoy anytime.  The spa gift baskets women really want usually have one or more of these:

  • bath salts,
  • bath soaps,
  • body butter,
  • bath oils,
  • lotions,
  • nail and body brushes,
  • loofas or other sponges,
  • body scrubs,
  • manicure/pedicure sets,
  • herbal teas,
  • body brush,
  • face masks,
  • bath pillow,
  • pretty slippers
  • and bubble baths.

Women who like fragrance might also love calming scented candles, incense and/or potpourri.

Can you think of some more luscious spa gifts?

Some great ideas for spa gift basket containers

What can you put the items in? Well, a pretty basket is just fine, but why not a huge brandy snifter? She can fill it with potpourri later!

Or why not a different type of basket – like a shower organizer to hold her shower necessities filled with bath goodies. Keep in mind that spa suggests tranquility, relaxation, luxury, and pampering and you can’t go wrong!

Spa Medium BasketSpa Medium BasketCollapsible Fabric Storage BasketCollapsible Fabric Storage BasketBetter Homes and Gardens Small Galvanized Bin, SilverBetter Homes and Gardens Small Galvanized Bin, SilverInterDesign Classico Kitchen Pantry Bath Medium Organizer Wire Basket, ChromeInterDesign Classico Kitchen Pantry Bath Medium Organizer Wire Basket, Chrome

How To Assemble Spa Gift Baskets Women Dream Of

Ok, you have your container and all the gifts you want to put in it. Let’s put it all together, eh?  This is a great tutorial that shows you how to put together a lovely spa gift basket.  Note how she uses the beautiful tissue paper and the krinkle shred.  You could give it as is or put it into a gift basket bag and tie off with a big, pretty bow too.

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Helpful Hints For Her Spa Gift Basket

When giving fragranced items, keep the fragrances the same (lavender, gardenia, rose).  This will prevent the scents from mixing into something you don’t want.

When including food gifts (snacks) with fragranced items, keep them separated to prevent the fragrance from seeping into the food item.

If new mommy hasn’t delivered yet, be a sweetie & keep the scents soft not overwhelming.

Special Day Spa Gift BasketSpecial Day Spa Gift BasketDesign It Yourself Gifts & Gift Baskets

Special Day Spa Gift Basket

This is a great example of a spa gift basket. If you want to save time, you can always give her one of these! Isn’t it gorgeous?  CONTAINER SIZE: 10″ W x 7″ D x 5″H

Items Included:
Terry Cloth Bath Pillow
Moisturizing Hand Gloves
Moisturizing Foot Socks
Loofah Terry Bath Mitt
Fuzzy Spa Slippers
Body Lotion
Shower Gel
Bath Soap
Body Butter

Spa Gift Baskets For Women On eBay

For those short on time, eBay is a cool place to find gift baskets. Didn’t expect that did you? Just look at all the pretty baskets!

Spa Gift Baskets Women
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