Gift Bows

No gift package is complete without a pretty bow to dress it up a bit. There are many types of gift bows to choose from today, too. We all know the basic Christmas bows, but there are huge bows for large gifts, uniquely shaped bows, round bows, curly bows, and so much more!

Dress up any birthday, Christmas or other gifts with these gift bows! They are available in just about any color under the sun. Some glimmer and shine, while others simply sit there and look attractive.

We at Fancy Gift Wrap love gift bows! They can be used on wrapping paper, gift bags, cello paper, cellophane bags, etc. Make a floral bouquet at a bridal shower from the bows that were on the bridal gifts, or use them in other craft projects.

Make your own gift bows with ribbons, or choose from the great selections featured here. It’s a good idea to keep a variety of bows on hand for gift wrapping and crafts, too! You can find bows today made of tissue paper, foil-type paper, ribbon, and more. Match your bows to your wrapping paper or gift bags for pretty packages you’ll be proud to give!

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