Takeout Favor Boxes

Takeout favor boxes are made like the boxes you get leftovers in at your local restaurant…especially Asian based restaurants. These make cute favor boxes for weddings, birthday parties, and more. You can also use them as gift boxes for any gift-giving occasion, or to hold special items at craft bazaars, and so on. You have many takeout favor box colors and sizes to choose from here.

You can get creative with the gifts you give in these take out boxes, too. Consider socks, a scarf, jewelry, food gifts, trinket boxes, and other small treasures. It’s fun to give gifts in pretty packages, and these take out gift boxes will allow you to do just that.

Take out gift boxes are creative ways to give food gifts and other small treasures to loved ones for special occasions. Bake cupcakes, candies, cookies, and other treats, and give them as gifts to family and friends in a cute take out gift box. Or if you sell baked goods at bazaars and fairs, these take out gift boxes are nice ways to display your creations that are for sale. Keep extras on hand, too, because you never know what might come up where you’ll need some.

“one of the favors” by jen_rab is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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