Twists & Ties

Most of us have probably used twist ties with storage bags, or some trash bags, but did you know twist ties can be used on cellophane or cello gift bags, too? They come in a variety of colors, so you can match them with ribbons, bows, and other gift wrap items.

Twist ties are ideal for closing cellophane and cello bags filled with candies, baked goods, nuts, and more. You can also use twist ties in many craft projects, and even to add unique touches to scrap books.

Add a little glimmer and shine to your everyday life, and to your gifts, by using shiny twist ties, or keep plain white ones on hand for food storage, etc. The choice is yours, and the selections here are many.

Make a loaf of banana bread, place it in a pretty bag, and tie it with a matching twist tie.

Other gift wrap ties might include colored string and ribbon, or gold ties that wrap about a jewelry gift box, or other small gift box. From tinsel cord and yarn to twisted twine and string. Ties make pretty package accessories, and gift bag closures.

You’ll find a great selection of twists and ties here for all your gift wrapping requirements.

Twist Ties by Morgan on Flickr, Commons 2.0

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