Gift Basket Bags

Gift basket bags allow you to present your gift basket in a professional manner, as well as keep the gifts in place and dust free. Gift basket bags can be clear, colored, or designed with pretty prints. They are easy to use, too. Simply put some basket filler (shred filler or tissue paper) in a basket, place the gift items in the basket, then place the basket in a gift basket bag. Tie the bag with a twist tie, ribbon, string, or other object, and place a bow on it for presentation.

You can also use gift basket bags for other gifts that won’t fit well in a box or a paper gift bag. Unusually shaped gifts are the perfect things to place in gift basket bags. Balls, plush animals, and other items work well in gift basket bags, too.

Shrink wrap gift basket bags are also a nice option for your gift baskets. Give the gift of wine, cheese and crackers in a gift basket covered with shrink-wrapped plastic. All you need is a hair dryer to shrink the plastic around the basket.

Gift basket bags not only come in a large variety of colors, but you can also find them just about any size you need, too. From mini to jumbo, there’s a gift basket bag for all your gift-giving needs!

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