Show Off Your Beautiful Treats & Gifts With Flat Cellophane Bags

Flat cellophane bags are perfect for candies, cookies, soaps, party favors, and more. Tie your flat cellophane bag with cute curling ribbon, a twist tie or some pretty raffia and personalize it with a gift tag if you like.  You’ll have instant fun in a bag. It’s super easy to have some nice gifts ready […]

Versatile Clear Resealable Cello Bags Have So Many Amazing Uses

Clear resealable cello bags are your go-to bags for anything flat from cards and photos to catalogs or coloring books. These clear resealable cello bags come with a self-adhesive strip on a lip at one end. This lets you insert your item, fold the lip over, remove the paper strip and seal your package. Very handy! […]

Create Beautiful Gifts With Fantastic Clear Cellophane Cone Bags

Clear Cellophane Cone Bags Clear cellophane cone bags make a great addition to gift baskets or on their own as cute gifts or favors just by adding candies or homemade mixes. Leave enough room to close with pretty curling ribbon and you have one adorable gift for anyone on your gift list. Let your imagination loose […]

Graduation Cello Bags Will Make That Big Day Even More Fun

Graduation cello bags are fun to fill with candies, nuts, money, jewelry, and other gifts or treats. Give them to the graduates at a graduation party, on the last day of class or at the graduation ceremony. You could also use graduation cellophane gift bags to give teachers and school administrators small gifts at the […]

Kick Off Your Party Right With Winning Sports Print Cello Bags

Sports print cello bags are fun to fill and pass out at birthday parties, tailgate parties, and more. These cello bags aren’t just for kids, either.  You can use these sports cello bags for Super Bowl parties, World Series parties, March Madness parties.  You get the idea. Fill these bags with pretzels, nuts, or sweet […]