Wrap Your Homemade Christmas Gift Baskets Like A Pro

Homemade Christmas Gift Baskets

Making homemade Christmas gift baskets are a sweet way to give personalized gifts to specific people. Cat lovers, dog lovers, book lovers, crafters, college students, etc., all inspire unique gift ideas. The fun is in choosing the gifts to put into the Christmas gift basket.

Let’s see all the fun things you can do with gift baskets for your friends and loved ones this Christmas. Here and there, I’ve included links to other homemade gift basket pages that I’ve made. Merry Christmas!

Don’t be intimidated by all the gorgeous gift baskets you see everywhere. Homemade Christmas gift baskets are among the easiest and most fun gifts to wrap!

Homemade gift baskets let you group several smaller gifts of a similar theme together. I love watching friends and loved ones open up their gift baskets. I bet you do too. Your thoughtfulness shines right through.

You don’t have to use a basket to make a “gift basket” either! Thinking of unique or unusual containers for your homemade gift baskets will add more interest to the whole gift.

Let’s Make Some Homemade Christmas Gift Baskets!

Start by picking out a pretty container. It can be any kind of container. Basket, box, tray (like these below) are all great. But you can use anything you want to make a custom Christmas gift basket. Like….laundry baskets, organizers, tubs, ice buckets, tool boxes, craft totes and I bet you can think of more!

Don’t panic. We can keep it simple too. These gift basket trays are handy and super easy to use.

Homemade Christmas Gift Baskets - Fancy Gift Wrap
Mmmm…Cookie Baskets! Yes Please!

Start With The Bottom Of The Basket

To give some height to the items you put in your basket, put something in the bottom of the basket. It can also help keep things from moving around too much. What should you use? Depending on the size of the basket your’re making, here are a few ideas:

  • Crumpled newspaper/kraft paper
  • Shredded paper or basket filler
  • Tissue paper
  • Crumpled Gift Wrap
  • Crumpled cellophane wrap
  • Some Christmas dish towels
  • That felt snow that’s used for displays and tree skirts
  • An actual Christmas tree skirt
  • A Christmas tablecloth (fabric or plastic)

Can you think of more?

If you use a cloth item but you need a bit more height in the basket, put some shredded paper or crumpled paper underneath and then put the fabric item on top of that.

To save on shredded basket filler, put some crumpled paper in the basket first and then put some shred on top of that.

Cellophane Gift Wrap Rolls

Cellophane gift wrap is pretty easy to use, as you’ll see in the videos below. The cellophane gift wrap rolls are pretty handy and just as easy to use as the gift basket bags.

Homemade Christmas Gift Basket Wrapping How To’s

Get Your Bows On

Our bows are the cherry on top of the gorgeous gift basket you just made. Go ahead. Indulge in a big, bright fluffy bow. You know you want to. Aren’t these beautiful? Be sure to look around the shop and see what you can see. There are lots of pretty ribbons and bows.

More Tips For Wrapping Homemade Christmas Gift Baskets

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