Solid Color Tissue

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Solid color tissue paper is something every household should have on hand at all times.  When you go to wrap a gift, you’re going to want tissue paper.  Choose a color that matches your wrapping paper or gift bag, or choose a color you know the gift recipient will enjoy.

Tissue paper is ideal in gift bags, gift baskets, and when wrapping clothes in gift boxes.  It dresses up any gift with color, interest, and texture, and it’s available in just about every color under the sun.

You can also use tissue paper to wrap your gift boxes, too.  You can double or triple the pieces so the gifts don’t show through the paper, add some bows and ribbons, and you’ll have a pretty gift ready to give to a special person in your life.

Solid color tissue paper is fun to mix with pattern tissue or different solid color tissue, too.  Make your gifts vibrant and interesting with an eclectic mix of solid color tissue paper, and watch faces light up with glee.

You’ll find a large selection of solid color tissue paper here from a variety of sellers.  Keep some on hand for all your gift-giving needs!

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