Pattern Tissue

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Pattern tissue (or patterned tissue) can be used in gift boxes, gift bags, gift baskets, craft projects, scrap books, etc.

Choose a pretty pattern that matches your wrapping paper or gift bag, or mix and match patterns for a cool and unique look.

Pattern tissue looks pretty in a wine glass as decoration for a party, too.  Pattern tissue is typically printed on one side, and adds a pretty flare to any package or gift.

Pattern tissue is pretty when mixed with a correlating solid tissue, too.  You can find pattern tissue for just about any holiday, with some of the most popular being Christmas, wedding, birthday, and new baby tissue paper designs.

Some people will use patterned tissue paper as exterior wrapping paper, too.  It offers a unique look to any gift.  Simply double or triple the sheets to make them more opaque, so your gift doesn’t show through the paper.

There’s a lot you can do with tissue paper, and it pattern tissue paper is especially pretty for all your gift giving and decorating needs.  Make sure you keep lots of pattern tissue on had at all times. You’ll be glad you did, when it comes to giving gifts, throwing parties, enjoying crafts with the kids, and more.



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