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Gift wrap seals add an extra special touch to any boxed or bagged gift.  Use them when giving gifts of fudge or other candies, homemade baked goods, and other foods to family and friends. Whether you choose a plain, basic gift seal, or one that offers a message, seals are great ways to top off any gift.

You can use seals on envelopes, wrapped boxes, or gift bags, too.  Use them as decorative touches, or to write special sentiments on for the gift recipients.

Below you will find a variety of seals in many different colors, shapes and sizes.  To learn more about each product, simply click on any of the photos featured below.  We at Fancy Gift Wrap have searched the web to bring you the best products at the best prices.  We love fun and unique stuff, too!

Make any gift pop with a gift seal!  Use them for Christmas or birthday cards, too, to dress up the envelope, or add a spark of holiday cheer.  Label foods, storage containers, etc, or use these seals in scrapbooks for fun, decorative touches.  Keep plenty of seals on hand for holidays, crafts, and more!

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