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Tulle is a beautiful addition to a gift basket or gift bag.  Use in in place of shred filler or tissue paper for an elegant look and presentation. Make large, gorgeous bows, ribbons and flowers for packages or gift baskets.

Tulle is available in a variety of colors and sizes.  It’s often used on wedding garments and for wedding decorations, but it’s versatile enough for gift wrapping, arts & crafts, and other clothing and projects, as well.

Tulle can be used for so many things.  Make a tutu or skirt out of tulle; use tulle as a table cloth for a party or special event; add tulle hanging down from a gift basket in place of ribbon; make tulle bows for gifts, or tulle flowers, and so on.  You can even make wreaths out of tulle for any occasion.

Whether you use tulle for crafts, sewing, holidays, or gift wrapping, keep a variety of colors on hand for any time you may need it.  You have lots of great selections to choose from below.

Most of the tulle sold here is sold by the yard on rolls or fabric bolts.  To learn more about any of the products here, simply click on the photos.

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