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Raffia is a palm tree that is native to tropical Africa and Madagascar.  It has a short trunk and leaves that grow up to 60 feet long.  They make ribbons, bows, fabrics, and more, out of the fiber from these leaves, and you will find them for gift wrapping under raffia bows or raffia ribbons.

You can buy pre-tied raffia bows, or buy raffia ribbon and make your own bows.  Dress up any package with raffia.  Use it instead of ribbons for a more natural appeal on your gifts.

You can even find raffia in filler form, which is ideal for gift baskets or gift bag fillers.  Raffia ribbon can be used to decorate a wrapped package, or to tie a gift bag.

Raffia can also be used in scrapbooking, arts & crafts, and for decorations at parties.  It is versatile, simple, and beautiful.

You can buy raffia in it’s natural state, or dyed to match your gift packages or party decorations.  Raffia bows are often used on home decor pieces, too. So keep some on hand for gift wrapping, art projects, and decorative touches in your home, office, or classroom.

Choose from a great variety of raffia items featured below, and make your gifts and other projects stand out from the crowd.


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