Gift Tags

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Gift tags typically come with strings either attached, or that you can attach yourself.  These strings are then attached to a package or products by tying, stapling, or taping.  They can be used as gift tags, or to label products with names, sizes, colors, or scents.

Gift tags come in a variety of fun shapes, too.  There are fancy designs, and there are designs that are more basic and simple.  A gift tag will dress up any package, gift bag, or product.  Some can even be customized with names, dates and places.

If you feel creative, you can make your own with special software, and print them out, or buy them already cut out, then write what you want on them.  These gift tags make unique table settings at wedding receptions, anniversary parties, and other special events, too.

If you make homemade jams, candies, or other foods, these gift tags are a great way to label your foods, and to give them as gifts to the special people in your life.  You can also use them as gift tags for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts and other gifts.

Keep a good selection of gift tags on hand at all times for those special things that pop up in life.

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