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  • February 9, 2013 1:11 am

kissbagsFancy gift wrap and gift wrapping ideas to make gift giving a delight and to delight your friends and loved ones.  We are crazy about cellophane gift bags and gift baskets and you will be too once you see what we have for you!

We have some gift ideas that you can make right in your own kitchen, such as chocolate covered cookies, dipped marshmallows or dipped pretzels….including the directions.

Feeling creative? We have Fancy Gift Wrap that will spice up your items whether you are giving pet treats or candles or bath and body products. Our cello wrap will make your stand out from the rest.   I’ll be writing more as we go along, too.

Seriously. Gift ideas, gift wrapping and making gift baskets are lots of fun and so easy to put together.   For example, put a candle, a magazine, some bath salts, a mug and some tea bags in a pretty basket with some shredded paper and you have a Spa Gift Basket! Nice, huh? Great gift for Mom, Sis, Daughter or your bestest friend. You can personalize it even more, too! Can you think of a couple of easy ways to personalize this little spa gift basket idea for your own best friend for Valentine’s Day? I bet you can!

If you’ve been here before, you can see that I’m redoing this site completely. I had a shopping cart here that I never could get to work correctly. SO…I much prefer chatting with you anyway AND I’m bringing you MORE gift wrap, gift bags, boxes, ribbons, bows, ties…and ideas than ever before! I’m adding gift tags and a HUGE selection of, you guessed it – Fancy Gift Wrap!

Hey, I’d better run. I have lots of fun gift ideas jotted down everywhere and bunches of links to YouTube videos, too. I’ll add them as we go along and I’ll give you the links to the articles I write, too. Get ready to Wrap It Up with me here at Fancy Gift Wrap!

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