How To Make Halloween Treat Bags

Halloween Treat BagsSuper easy and fun to make, Halloween party favor treat bags are a nice gift for your trick or treaters or you can hand them out at a Halloween party. They are so versatile because you can adjust what you put in them by age or sex. Make a few, make a lot ~ they make Halloween even more fun!

I’ve gathered here some great party favor treat bag toys, treat bags and curling ribbon to get you started. Trick or treat isn’t the same today as it was when I was a little kid. Yes, I’m a baby boomer ~ old as time itself. Folks used to give out candy by the handfuls and you didn’t have to worry about checking it for scary things, either. To bring some fun, anticipation and excitement back to Halloween, I think treat bags would be a great idea, don’t you?

Halloween Treat bags or loot bags are much like the party favor bags given out at birthday parties. A few little toys or gifts and some candy in some cute Halloween gift bags and you’ll have a kid that can’t wait to see what’s in the bag! I bet your own kids would love to help you assemble some bags that they can also help give out on Halloween.

Halloween treat bags are also fun for school parties and neighborhood carnivals. More fun to make than baking cupcakes…well, close anyway.

Most importantly, Have fun making some Halloween Treat Bags!

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How To Make Halloween Treat Bags

Halloween treat bags make the perfect party favor for a Halloween party or you can give them out to all the little ghosties & goblins that come to trick or treat on Halloween night. Since you can include some small toys in the treat bags, you can help reduce how much sugar the kiddies get at least a little!

First, decide how many Halloween treat bags you want to make and get your treat bags bought. You’ll also need some orange or black twist ties or curling ribbon to close the bags with.

Then, look through this page to see what kinds of toys or small gifts you want to include in the Halloween treat bags. They can be Halloween-themed, or not ~ that will be up to you, since the bags should be Halloween bags.

Now, double-check your bags to make sure they will hold the toys or gifts you chose plus the candy. You want to be able to close the bag, but you don’t want it to look too empty either.

Halloween Paper BagsPumpkin Print Cellophane Party BagsPumpkin & Ghost Cellophane Treat Bags

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How To Make Halloween Treat Bags Tutorial

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Halloween Cellophane Treat Bag Bargains

Halloween cellophane treat bags provide a festive way to pass out treats, toys and other goodies at your Halloween party. Be sure to get plenty of Halloween party favor bags. They’re so much fun to make, you’ll be making them for the office, the mailman, your hair stylist…and sending them to school!

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Halloween Toy Assortments

Save time and money by buying toys in bulk for your Halloween treat bags! Your Halloween treat bags will be the talk of the neighborhood when you include a couple of small toys per Halloween treat bag. Buying bulk small toys for your Halloween treat bags is also a great way to make a large number of them for church parties & festivals, school classroom parties, neighborhood celebrations, etc.

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Assembling Your Halloween Treat Bags

Gather together all the small gifts & toys, candy and Halloween bags, along with the curling ribbon or twist ties, so you can begin assembling the treat bags. Decide ahead of time how many toys and how many candies will go in each bag.

Kids can have a lot of fun putting the bags together for you. All you have to do is supervise to make sure there’s the correct number of everything in each bag. One child can fill the bags and another can close the bags; then they can switch back and forth.

If we don’t have kid-power to help assemble the bags–that’s ok too. Turn on the TV and line up your goodies assembly line style and go for it. I like to put mine in a big basket to keep by the door. Perhaps you have a cauldron or other candy bowl for Halloween night. You can put the bags in there as you finish them.

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Creative Halloween Treat “Bags”

Try using Halloween themed plastic cups for your Halloween treats

For a different look, try using Halloween themed cups to hold your candy and favors, then place the filled cup inside a clear cellophane gift bag & tie with curling ribbon or twist tie.

If you use a Halloween print plastic cup, it would be better to use clear cellophane gift bags so that the printing on the cup remains visible.

You could also use sheer color tinted cellophane gift bags in either orange or black. If you like, you can add black or orange shred at the bottom of the bag around the plastic cup to dress it up a little more.

If you use a solid color plastic cup, you can either dress it up with stickers yourself or include the stickers with the treats you give out so the child can decorate their own cup later. Same thing with clear plastic party cups – you can decorate with stickers or leave them as is and give out the stickers. With these types of cups too, it would look better to use clear or solid sheer tinted cellophane gift bags.

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