Homemade Gift Baskets For Men

Homemade Gift Baskets For MenHomemade gift baskets for men are unique and fun to make gifts for men that will delight that special guy on your gift list. The gift basket ideas for men on this page will help you personalize a gift especially for a man. That special guy on your gift list will appreciate the thought and effort you take to make him a homemade gift basket.

Just take a look at all the really fun homemade gift baskets for men on this page to get you going. Be sure and check out my Fancy Gift Wrap Shop to pick up all the best cellophane gift basket bags, all sorts of beautiful gift bows, curling ribbon and gift basket supplies you need!

Featured Image: Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Billy Joes Grilling on the Go Barbeque Basket


Are you at a total loss when it comes to thinking of a gift for your husband, son, father, grandfather, uncle, brother? Fret no more! You can give him a homemade gift basket! Gift baskets for men are as much fun to make as they are to give.


A Tisket, A Tasket – What kind of Gift Basket?

Do you HAVE to use a basket for a gift basket? No, you don’t have to use a basket to make a gift basket! Let your imagination roam free! There are as many possibilities as there are stars in the sky. Ok, ok…I’m gushing.

Let’s ponder some of those possibilities then.

How about buckets, golf ball buckets, wine buckets, fishing tackle boxes/baskets, tool boxes, hats, caps, barbecue mitts, beer steins, ice chests, mugs, coffee cups, serving trays, trash cans, laundry baskets, planters, pitchers, hat boxes…

Get the idea? You can use just about anything you want, that you can put something INTO.

Thinking about it another way, you can go for something related to the occasion.

Son going away to college? Laundry basket filled with “necessaries” and especially, with goodies! Put some of the items in cellophane gift bags, tie a huge pull bow to the basket and WA-LAH! A College Send-off for your young man!

 Wald Imports Metal Golf Bucket Plano 3-Tray Tackle Box Plastic Ice Bucket with Ice Tongs Wine Bucket – 4 Qt. Polished Stainless Steel Stack-On Professional Plastic Tool Box, Red Coleman 48-Quart Cooler, Blue

Jack of All Trades Gourmet Grilling Basket

What guy wouldn’t love a creative homemade gift basket like this ~ A Tool Box Gift Basket?

Oh what dad doesn’t like his tools? Even the simple screwdriver or tape measure can be a great gift ; he could always use a new one or a spare. Or what about some chammy cloths or mechanic’s hand cleaner?

You can purchase an inexpensive (toy style) tool box or go to a hardware store and purchase a really nice one he can use.

Don’t just add tools though–add his favorite items such as magazines, drinks, snacks, gift cards, fishing supplies, garage decor or whatever it is that Dad loves. He will enjoy looking at this gift and then digging in.

Add large packs or items or tools such as screwdrivers towards the back of your toolbox.

Roll up magazines and put towards the back.

No need to wrap up this gift if you use some cellophane gift bags to wrap the individual items.

Hey, how about a homemade toffee or brittle – a good one for dad! He’ll love it!

Gift Basket Containers For Homemade Gift Basket

Use a unique basket in an unexpected way–homemade gift basket ideas for men

If you really want to use a basket for your men’s homemade gift basket, take a look at some of these unique baskets. How about a laundry basket for your son going away to college–filled with items he’ll need for the dorm room? How about some handled, nesting baskets to help your brother organize his home office? Fill the basket with desk accessories and fun office supplies. See what I mean? Enjoy this selection of baskets full of gift basket possibilities!

 Oval Willow Mini Wash Basket – Light Finish Chocolate and Pink Paperboard Tray Whitmor Small Rattique Shelf Tote, Java Whitmor Rattique Shelf Tote, Java Picnic Time Canasta Picnic Basket, Brown Rectangular Canvas on Chrome Metal Tub

The Sportsman Gift Basket BoxHomemade Gift Baskets For Men

Does your special guy love sports?

How about items with his favorite team logo like hats, mugs, trading cards, coasters, beer or sports drinks and some snacks like nuts, chips, microwave popcorn, or cookies?

Toss in a couple of his favorite sports magazines, and/or tickets to a game if possible. The container can be cool too! Use a plastic football helmet, an ice bucket, medium ice chest, or…a basket. LOL

Does he play golf? How about golf balls, tees, sunglasses, a visor, an insulated drink holder (koozie), beer or sports drink, a favorite snack or two, and a golf towel. Container can be cooler or a golf ball bucket! Uhm, or a basket. See?

Pictured Here: Tackle Box Mens Gift Basket Fun Fishing Gift Basket Men

NFL Ice Buckets, Beer Buckets And Pails

This would be so cool for making the Sportsman Gift Basket!

What could be more *cool* than using one of these ice buckets, beer buckets or pails to create a homemade gift basket for your favorite guy. Include gifts like team koozies, a team TV remote control and maybe a team jersey or hoodie!

Mix in gift basket shred in team colors and snacks and your homemade gift basket for men will be a huge hit!

 Tennessee Titans Bucket Liner San Diego Chargers Bucket & Glasses NFL Dallas Cowboys Metal Bucket Super Bowl 48 Commemorative Ice/Beer Bucket Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Party Bucket / Cooler

Sports Gifts Are Great Gift Basket Ideas

Use these to make a Sports Fan’s Gift Basket

Sports fan gear are always a big hit with the guys and these items are so cool! Every sports fan gets a kick out of fan gear for their favorite team? Why not place them in an ice bucket, beer bucket or even a team waste basket like one of those above? Koozies, coolers, gloves and sunglasses are great for including in his gift basket too.

 NFL Chicago Bears Mini Travel Jug NBA Chicago Bulls Colored Sports Fan Towel MLB New York Yankees #1 Fan Metal Tag NFL Camo Beer Can Kaddy Koozie 2-Pack – Pick Team! Football Team Beer Bottle Holder Koozie All Teams Avaialble! Sunglasses – Chicago White Sox Chicago Cubs Neoprene Sunglass Strap (Croakies) New York Yankees MLB Replica Team Adjustable Baseball Cap NFL Philadelphia Eagles Technology Touch Gloves

Homemade Gift Baskets For MenSnacks In An Ice Chest

Gift Basket Ideas For Men

What guy wouldn’t just love this gift chest?  Isn’t this an awesome idea?

Place some crumpled paper in the bottom of the ice chest to provide some height, then fill with your guy’s favorite snacks – chips, dips, candy, soft drinks, pretzels, nuts, etc. Include some wipes like this basket.

Great gift for a new sports season, birthday, opening of fishing or hunting season or just anytime.

Image Credit: Photo Credit: Photo# 634 – Gift Basket by Tammra McCauley on flickr and reproduced under Creative Commons 2.0

How About Some Magazines For A Man’s Gift Basket?

A Guy’s Favorite Magazines Are Great Choices For A Gift Basket

Don’t forget to include his favorite magazines in his gift basket! Magazines are just the thing for passing time in busy airports or on the train. At least one magazine devoted to his favorite sport will do the trick!

 Men’s Health (1-year auto-renewal) Maxim (1-year auto-renewal) [Print + Kindle] Fitness Rx For Men Car and Driver (1-year auto-renewal) Esquire (1-year auto-renewal) Popular Mechanics (1-year auto-renewal)

The Car Enthusiast Gift Basket For Your Favorite Car Fan

amazon-nascar-gift-basketHow about some handy items for his car?

A car wash coupon, a cool license plate frame, some chamois cloths, a pair of sunglasses, a travel mug for his coffee, a gift card for gasoline, a gift card for fast food, favorite nuts, jerky or snack food.

Is he a NASCAR fan? How about some NASCAR merchandise that he would enjoy?

Vinyl trash bags for the car, visor organizers and air fresheners are good ideas too.

Photo Credit: The #1 Race Fan’s Finest Treats | NASCAR Gift Basket for Him or Her | Christmas Gift Idea

amazon-man-canThe Spa Gift Basket For Men

Hey, men love to pamper themselves too

Why not fix up a Spa Gift Basket for your sweet fella?  I love the ‘paint can’ idea for the “Man Can” shown here, but a wire basket would also be great for a spa themed gift basket, don’t you think?  He can keep the wire basket by the tub or shower for his bathing items.

Get him some grooming items, a masculine scented candle; maybe some body washes, body scrubs, body moisturizers, bath salts, bath brushes, loofahs, shaving gels, a manicure set, and a luxurious bath towel.

Include some rich chocolates, a book or magazine to read while he soaks and there you have a great homemade gift basket idea that’s perfect for your sweet man!

This is sure to be a winner for any guy!

Shown Here: The Man Can Gift Basket – Gift Basket for Men – Happy Birthday Gift Basket – Birthday Gifts for For Him

Men’s Fragrance Is A Great Gift Basket Idea

Homemade Gift Basket Ideas For Men

Men’s fragrance is the quintessential gift idea for men. Many guys love a good, quality fragrance, so including one of these top-selling men’s fragrances in a spa gift basket for men is terrific! Take it a step further and include any skin care or body care products from the same fragrance for a whole body spa experience. He’ll love it!

 Nautica Classic for Men by Nautica 3.4 oz 100ml EDT Spray Eternity by Calvin Klein for Men, Eau De Toilette Spray, 3.4 Ounce Guilty By Gucci EDT spray for Men, 3 Ounce Kenneth Cole Black By Kenneth Cole For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 Ounces D & G Light Blue By Dolce & Gabbana For Men, Eau De Toilette Spray, 2.5-Ounce Bottle Usher By Usher For Men, Eau De Toilette Spray, 3.4-Ounce

The Movie Buff Gift Basket

How about fixing him a movie night gift basket?

Does your guy love movies? Action, horror, thriller or sci-fi?

You can get him a copy of a movie he’s been wanting to see, or a rental gift certificate (or both, LOL). Then, add microwave popcorn, movie snack bar candy like M & M’s, Jordan Almonds or licorice, cans of his favorite soda, a movie magazine for fun, and some nuts, chips and crackers!

You could also add a movie gift card from Fandango or some movie tickets from another local theater that he can enjoy another time.

Then settle in for a fun evening with your favorite man and enjoy his gift with him! Remember now, no cheating and slipping in a chick flick, ok?

 Redbox Movie Night Snack Gift Basket Concession Stand Popcorn and Candy Set Movie Night Popcorn Tub Gift Basket Candy Galaxy’s Movie Night Box Popcorn Lovers/Night At The Movies Gift Basket Movie Time! Red Box Movie Rental Snack Gift Box College Students / Military / New Parents / Movie Night Basket Plastic Popcorn Containers – Set of 2 Plastic Popcorn Tub – 8.5

Men Love Funny T-Shirts

Funny t-shirts are great gift basket idea for men

Men and t-shirts go together like sports and beer. Every guy I know has at least several funny t-shirts. My hubby has one that says “Leave A Message, I’m out of my mind.” I love when he wears it to the movies or something because he gets a lot of smiles. Ha!

 Old Man Biker Shirt, Old as Dust Trophy Husband Speed Of Light. Funny Slogan T-Shirt.

I hope you enjoy putting together some wonderful gift baskets for all those wonderful guys in your life. They’re as much fun to put together as it is to watch their recipient’s reaction when they receive it. Have fun!

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