Homemade Gift Basket Ideas For Dog Lovers

amazon-dog-gift-basketWe dog lovers are a special breed, aren’t we? Pardon the pun ~ I can’t resist. We love to dress up our dogs, give them toys, and collect wonderful items about our delightful pups!

I know because I do too! I have a black lab mix named Toby & a beagle mix named Claire. It’s so much fun to give them toys and treats! My hubby tells me I treat them like people. I say no, they already think they’re people, I don’t want to tell them they’re not!

I love giving the dog lovers I know specially themed gifts too, because I know how they feel about their Precious Pups! Want to get in on the act? It’s FUN! I’ll show you!

Image Credit: Congratulations on Your New Pooch!: Pet / Dog Gift Basket

What Can We Use As a Gift Basket?

While a basket would work great for a dog lover’s gift basket, use your imagination and use a unique container for doggie gifts.

Consider the size of the gifts and see if any of these tips will work. Can you think of more?

*Unique dog dishes & feeding bowls

*A dog carrier, stuffed with your pre-wrapped gifts

*A tote bag, printed in a dog theme; or with a printed picture of the dog lover’s pooch, filled with your pre-wrapped gifts

*A small or medium dog bed would look so cute with all your pre-wrapped gifts on top; especially dressed up with a large pull bow!

Can you just imagine wrapping some treats in animal print cellophane gift bags and setting them in one of these beautiful dog dishes.

 Argyle (Lavender Mint) Pet Food Bowls Argyle (Diva Preppy) Dog Food Bowls Argyle (Berry) Pet Food Bowl Argyle (Blues) Dog Food Bowls Woodland Camouflage (Army Green) Dog Water Bowl Woodland Camouflage (Green) Pet Food Bowl

It’s Fun To Make Gifts For Dogs And Dog Lovers

flickr-dog-party-favorsHaving a party for your pup? Why not fix up some Puppy Dog Party Favors as shown here, for your invited pets…er, guests…or both!

The doggy party favors could include a tennis ball or rawhide chew toy, some doggy snacks and/or a collar, etc.

The dog lover’s favors could include cookies, candy and perhaps a dog-themed gift like a key ring or small photo frame to show off a photo of their dog at the party.

Wouldn’t these be fun??

Photo Credit: Puppy Dog Party Favors by Janet on flickr and reproduced under Creative Commons 2.0

zazzle-dog-queen-tshirtGifts For The Special Dog In Anyone’s Life

Use these ideas for preparing a basket for your own dog; a go-along gift basket for the dog lover’s gifts; or a welcome basket for a new puppy!

  • dog chew toys
  • grooming accessories; clippers, brushes, nail clippers, etc.
  • squeaky toys! *muahahaha*
  • collars, collar charms, fancy leashes
  • sweaters, doggie shoes (especially in cold areas), coats
  • a new dog bed
  • a carrier or even a crate;
  • a recipe or two for doggie snacks, printed on cardstock with some already baked.

Image:  Queen of Everything Dog Clothes

 Humorous Dog Lover Pet Tags English Bulldog Profile Pet Tag Smiling Boston Terrier Pet Name Pug Dog Pet Tags American English Coonhound Pink Gingham WARNING dog tag Pet Name

Don’t Forget The Dog Toys!

Dogs love toys and dog lovers love to watch their dogs play with toys. How do I know? My dog Toby has three toy boxes. He seriously loves his toys too. Now if only I had taught him to pick UP his toys when he’s done playing with them! Be sure to pick up a couple of toys for the doggy recipient for lots of smiles from both the dog lover and their dog!

 Nylabone Durable Dental Dinosaur Chew Toy (Dinosaur Varies) Kyjen Plush Puppies Squeaker Mat Long Body Gator KONG Squiggles Small Dog Toy (Colors vary) KONG Beaver Dog Toy, Small Ethical Pet Skinneeez Exotic Series 18-Inch Dog Toy, Mr Bill Plush Toy 10 In

Dog Collars For Discerning Doggies

Dogs like bling too, you know. Ok, it’s really dog owners that love snazzy collars for our cool canines. You can’t go wrong with a collar gift in the gift basket you make for that sweet dog. Their doggy parent will thank you!

 Large Martingale Pink Bone Camo Patterned Dog Collar Lupine 3/4-Inch Crazy Daisy 13-22-Inch Adjustable Dog Collar Kakadu Pet Park Avenue Leather Rhinestone Dog Collar, Medium Red/Multi Stripe Dog Collar: 3/4

Dog Gift Basket Ideas

I love to check out videos and pictures for stirring up some barking new dog and dog lover gift basket ideas. Take a look at some of these wonderfully creative dog gift basket ideas and I think you’ll agree – the imagination just starts cranking!

Dog Beds Make Great Dog or Dog Lover Gift Baskets

Dog beds are fun to work with for gift ‘baskets’ for a dog and/or a dog lover. For example, include the usual suspects – dog treats, dog toys, a collar and/or leash, a doggy t-shirt or booties and maybe some grooming supplies like nice dog shampoo and a brush and/or doggie toothpaste and a toothbrush.

THEN, include a dog lover mug, dog lover pillow, a dog movie or two, a dog book or two, a dog blanket, a dog lover t-shirt, etc. The special dog lover in your life will adore you for your thoughtfulness!

 Brinkmann Pet Paw Print Pet Bed, 25-Inch, BLue AKC Casablanca Round Solid Pet Bed, Brown Petmate 28377 20-Inch Sofa Pet Bed with Pillow Armarkat C01HKF/MH Cozy Pet Bed 20-Inch Diameter, Mocha

More Gift Basket Ideas For The Ultimate Dog Lover

*Dog Calendar; especially if you get one in their dog’s breed

*Dog coffee mug; especially if you get one in their dog’s breed

*Dog jewelry; like a charm bracelet, photo locket or pendant of their dog’s breed

*Dog books; how to care for their dog; books about their dog’s breed; coffee table book of their dog’s breed

*Dog throw or blanket; shall we say it again – especially in their dogs breed

*Dog pillow/s; humorous, dog lover, photo of their dog, their dog’s breed

*Dog t-shirts; humorous, dog lover, photo of their dog, their dog’s breed

*Dog tote bag; humorous, dog lover, photo of their dog, their dog’s breed

 Manual Woodworkers & Weavers Dog Joe Jacket® – reusable coffee Home is where the dog Dog Lover Floor Mat

Dog calendars are ideal for dog lover gift baskets

Calendars are always popular gifts, since we all need one. Dog lovers love dog calendars! Give the gift that will win smiles from everyone that passes by. Better pick up a few; they make excellent gifts for the office, friends and family!

 Boxer Puppies 2014 Wall Calendar Hero Dogs 2014 Wall Calendar Love of Dogs 2014 Wall Calendar Dog 2014 Gallery Calendar Underwater Dogs 2014 Wall Calendar Just Chocolate Lab Puppies 2014 Wall Calendar

Woof! I hope you had as much fun as I did checking out all the fabulous possibilities for homemade gift baskets for dog lovers and their dogs! Don’t forget to bookmark us and subscribe to our feed for more fun with Fancy Gift Wrap!

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