Dipped Marshmallows Recipes

coconutdippedmarshmallowsDipped marshmallows are an ideal treat for party favors or snacks at home. Imagine pretty, decorated dipped marshmallows at a bridal shower, baby shower, wedding reception or even a Christmas party. Imagine all the fun you’ll have whipping up these fast and easy dipped marshmallow treats.

Now imagine all the compliments you’ll get when folks see these lovely dipped marshmallows! Your guests will think you hired a professional candy maker!

Let me show you how to make these adorable dipped marshmallows and then we can let our creativity just take over!

How To Make Dipped Marshmallows

Is there a secret to making gorgeous dipped marshmallows for party favors and such? Nope, these tasty little treats are so easy to make you’ll run out of marshmallows before you run out of ideas!

If you need them for party favors ~ think of the colors or theme of the party. You can use the color of the marshmallows, the color of the candy dip, and you can use sprinkles, jimmies, coconut, nuts, crushed peppermints, etc to change the color & texture. Not only that, but if you’re putting them in cellophane gift bags, try silver or white printed bags with silver or white curling ribbons for a wedding theme. And so on…Isn’t that fun?

Try Dipping Marshmallows in rich dark, milk or white Belgian chocolate, caramel or colorful candy melts in different flavors and colors

Chocolate Marshmallow Pops

In the picture at the top of the page, we have marshmallows dipped in white chocolate and rolled in coconut, right? Yum! Well, why not use milk chocolate for brown/white colors?

Or use colored candy melts and white coconut?  Pink or blue for baby showers.  Red, white and blue for Independence Day.  Better yet, try white chocolate with colored coconut.

Or use any of those and only dip the top half of the marshmallows in the coconut? Or use any of the above with dyed coconut? Wait…I ran out of marshmallows!

Roll Dipped Marshmallows in nut pieces, candy sprinkles, coconut, or even colorful crushed breakfast cereals like Fruit Loops or Cocoa Krispies

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Drizzle Your Dipped Marshmallows with contrasting color drizzle like milk chocolate on white chocolate, etc.

Chocolate Marshmallow Snacks

If you’re making dipped marshmallows for a baby or bridal shower or for a wedding ~ or any party where you’ll need LOTS of them, you’ll save a bundle by buying your cellophane gift bags in quantity.

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